Important Edisto news from EIPA

SCDOT Awarded $9.2 million in FHWA Grants
$904,780 to Charleston County & the Charleston County
Parks Commission for enhancements to the
Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

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Press & Standard Newspaper


Edisto's Geechee Boy Market Featured by Post & Courier
on You Tube -- Take a Look


EIPA works on Litter
The Town of Edisto Beach has offered a $7500
matching grant to help pay for litter pickup on the National Scenic Byway. EIPA has appealed to its members, the island business community, and friends for funds to help match that grant. The Edisto Island Chamber of Commerce will administer the program, contracting for the pick up.

Adequate funds to match their grant this year are on hand
and we are building a separate account specifically for the purpose of assisting with next year.

We gratefully acknowledge the following: (most recent donations are at bottom of this list)

The Town has received a $1500 donation from Sea Spirits
(the Redfern family)
Butch Pendarvis $500
and Carroll Belser $100
and the Edisto Island Open Land Trust $1500
subtotal $3,600

EIPA has received donations from:
Skidmore Creative Services
Doug & Mary McLean (Seabrook Cottage)
John Fisher, Chairman of the EINSB
Bob & Sandra Marshburn
Dallas Lumpkin Garbee
Dan Brailsford
Be & Jameely Moore
Pat & Jeff Neumann
Sue Zoltewicz
The Plantation Course ( Leland Vaughn &
Dwight Funderburk)
McConkey's Jungle Shack
Larry & Jane Darby
Ed & Sharon Buddin
Sam & Mireille Griswold
Gressett Pest Control - Gressco Inc.
Bob & Bev Sandifer
Preston Stockton
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Hasty
Henry & Virginia Woodhead
Gloria Zeller
Max and Harriet Walker
Lee & Jim Wenthe
Mary & Gary Dirr
Dianne Fleming & Ralph Snyder
Bob & Linda Dennis
Ken & Marsha Korpanty
Melinda Hester
Charlie Boozer
Bob King
Gordon & Catherine Locatis
Ann & Dudley Myers
Jackie Shaffer
Kapp Lyon Real Estate
Drs Owen & Ellen Grush
Anne Sherman
Nona Rowcliffe
John & Susan Roberts
Jim & Linda Murray
Jimmy & Marty Bell
Bubba & Ellen Unger
Karen Brittingham
Gerald Haram
Edisto Beach Property Owners Assn.
Bailey Island Property Owners Assn.
Jo Aiken
Jim & Dorothy Drennan
John & Sallie Kirven
Patricia Stoker
Island Bikes and Outfitters
Ty & Cindy Lenz
Edisto Sales and Rentals Realty
Edisto Creations Salon & Spa
Jean Hanson
Chuck & Helen Campbell
subtotal $5985

We deeply appreciate all of these contributions and
the concern it shows from the people who love Edisto!

Send your donation to:
EIPA Litter Fund
P.O. Box 157
Edisto Island, SC 29438 or donate on line from our
home page.

EIPA this year committed $500 from its general fund .

Totals - Donated to Town of EB $3600
Total Donated to EIPA $6006.80

EIPA's 2011 committment of $3390 has already been
transfered to the Edisto Island Chamber of Commerce leaving $2616.80 on hand for next year

SCDOT to replace 3 bridges in 2010-2013
To learn more about the upcoming bridge replacements over Sand Creek, Russell Creek & Store Creek
Click Here

SCDOT reports the projects progressing normally and anticipates letting all 3 jobs in late summer 2011.

Up and Down the Coast

People are organizing to protect our fragile coastal environment. The Conservation Voters of South Carolina are helping with one such organization... check it out.



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