Edisto Island Preservation Alliance

where can you have the beach to yourself?

Edisto Beach and Edisto Island
"Perhaps our last best chance to get it right..."


Doesn't it make sense to preserve one sea island
as a relatively undeveloped, non-commercial, family
vacation destination? And doesn't it make particularly
good sense when that island is part of the
internationally known ACE Basin?

We are working to keep Edisto a place where people
can live a quiet, peaceful lifestyle knowing there will
be no hotels, motels, strip malls, traffic lights, or
super Wal Marts.

We are trying to preserve Edisto as a place where birds,
animals, and the environment are protected. We want to keep
this a place where traffic moves at a moderate pace
and where the activities we enjoy - fishing, bird watching,
walking, biking, paddling a kayak or canoe, or simply reading
a book and talking with friends can all be done without noise,
light pollution, litter, or crowds.

We believe we can do this while sustaining an economy
built upon tourism... but tourism that values our types of
. The tourists we want on Edisto aren't looking for
water slides or wild parties. They're looking for a
special place where they can enjoy clean air, pristine
waters, quiet beaches, and people who share their values.

We believe all of this makes sense and we're working to insure
that our children and our grandchildren will enjoy Edisto
just as our parents and grandparents did...
and just as we do today.

We invite you to learn more.

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