EIPA's Vision


Preserve Edisto Island’s rural and agricultural way of life
through community driven growth management and
proactive initiatives to preserve its historical and
cultural heritage and its natural beauty.

To accomplish that we believe:

    1. zoning regulations must be tightened as much as
      practical and rigorously enforced,

      2. settlement zoning has served its intended purpose and must be eliminated, (accomplished)

      3. we must limit growth as much as possible to single family residences,

      4. we should limit lot size for single family homes to no less than 5 acres under new zoning,

      5. we should oppose increased densities under Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s), (accomplished)

      6. we will oppose the extension of water and sewer service across/or to the island.

It will be our purpose to react
aggressively to any threats to our
grand trees, open spaces, historic
sites and waterways. We shall
seek to keep Edisto rural, agricultural,
and non-commercial.

We hope you will join us and support us
as we fight for Edisto's future.


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We offer a word of thanks to to Bob Sandifer who chaired our first general meetings
and helped us to come together to develop the above vision and action statements.