Welcome to the h ome of the Edisto Island Preservation Alliance, preserving Edisto Island the gateway to the ACE Basin


a tremendos success
Botany beach sweep 2017

We didn't get everyone in the picture, one group had to leave, but these are a few of the folks and some of the trash they picked up. Botany sure looks better thanks to their efforts.

Current information about Botany Bay Beach:
Due to tides and the severe beach erosion experienced during Hurricane Matthew there is NO Beach for a period of roughly 3 hours before and 2-2.5 hours after high tide. Anyone on the far end of the beach who gets caught by the tide will be stuck there for several hours. Returning by walking through the woods is very difficult and can be dangerous.Swimming, while not prohibited, is extremely hazardous due to stumps, trees, and moving debris.There are no lifeguards. In an emergency call 911 but do not expect a rapid response due to the remote location.

No alcohol,No drones, No dogs, no shelling. Must exit the property by 30 minutes after sundown.


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Reminder of Botany Bay Hunting Dates

There have been some questions brought up recently about hunts on Botany Bay Plantation WMA.

So to refresh everybody’s memory, here is the scoop on hunting out here:

·        DEER HUNTS ARE FROM SEPTEMBER 15-DECEMBER 30-31st. (no Sunday hunts) and the Property is CLOSED to the public

·        We have 5 weeks of ARCHERY AND 6 GUN HUNTS(gun is by lottery only)

·        DOVE HUNTS-YOUTH ONLY! SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER FOR 2018. (always on a Saturday) Property is CLOSED to the public

·        SMALL GAME HUNTS ARE FROM JANUARY 1ST OR 2ND – MARCH 1ST Wednesday-Saturday only.  grey squirrel, rabbit, quail (we have none), snipe, raccoon and possum only are allowed to be hunted. No fox squirrels. Property is OPEN.

·        That is it. NO TURKEY HUNTING ON BOTANY BAY PLANTATION. We don’t have but maybe 20 total out here

·        NO HUNTING ALLOWED ON SUNDAYS ON WMA (Wildlife Management Area) PROPERTIES (which is what we are)

Plastic Debris

Plastic debris - it's a subject we need to deal with! Here's what our neighbors on Isle of Palms are doing...


Botany Bay Notice -

Important notice: Botany Bay Beach Access Closed - Driving Tour Reopens 10-27-2016 - We are told the new bridge is under construction and the beach should reopen sometime in July.


Bird Nesting Sites

During nesting season portions of the beach are roped off. Please do not approach these areas as the birds are very easily disturbed.


Botany Bay
Remember Botany Bay WMA is always closed on Tuesdays for essential maintenance.

If You Are Going to Botany Bay WMA
Please understand that it is a wildlife area, not a park. Plan accordingly.
Here are some tips that will make your visit something
you will truly enjoy.


Special places evoke special tributes: Below is a selection from:


wondering, mourning, listening

Click on the picture or link below
Boneyard Beach by Frank Harmon used with permission

a tribute by Frank Harmon


EIPA opposes Off-Shore Drilling

Read our letter to the political leadership of our nation here

EIPA's Board expresses concern and makes
suggestions to SC DNR about Botany Bay WMA
to read the Board resolution click here


EIPA strongly supports SC DNR's efforts to renew our shoreline by building additional oyster reefs. The following brief message is from SCORE 

We are grateful to all that have bagged shell or helped to place it in the on the shoreline to create reefs. We cannot stress enough how important YOU are to our project. The work we do, on the scale that we do it, would not at all be possible without our loyal volunteers!

Don’t forget to check out or photos on Picasa. Photos from events this year are being populated currently. You may even find an oyster restoration action shot of yourself! Feel free to save them and share them with your friends! 

We are excited to see you on the shoreline!

-Stevie, Andrea, Jared, Michael, Sarah, and Tyler (The SCORE Team)

SCORE Program

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

(843) 953-9842



Recently we had an inquiry on our Facebook page as to why SC DNR utilizes plastic mesh bags
to hold the oyster shell they use in rebuilding many of these reefs. To learn the science behind this

Click Here


Oyster Fact:

Pollution from agriculture, homeowner fertilizers, sewage treatment plants, septic systems and car exhaust all contribute to poor water quality which can kill oysters. Sediment, a by product of land moving activities such as construction, runs off the land into the water. Sediments in the water can cover and suffocate oyster beds, preventing spat (larval oysters) from attaching to their hard substrate and maturing.)


With the help of donors from across SC and the SE The Low Country Open Land Trust raised the final $400,000 to complete the purchase of property surrounding the iconic Angel Oak.

Lowcountry Open Land Trust with our help is successfut

EIPA made a $500 contribution to insure
this successful outcome in addition to donations from several Board members.


The iconic Angel Oak



EIPA is responsible for implementing the Corridor Management Plan of the
Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

Sunset from the entrance to the Edisto National Scenic Byway
Sunset from the entrance of the
Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

To visit the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway Web Click here

Recent efforts in this regard include contributing to litter pick up along the Byway; opposing rezoning of the area between the entrance to the Hammocks and the Driving Range across from the State Park; and opposing modifications to Colleton County's sign ordinance which would have allowed signs up to 80 sq ft. (reduced to 50 sq ft - which we believe to still be excessive.)


EIPA Supports the Botany Bay WMA
Check Botany Bay Hunt Schedule/closures by clicking the link below:

Botany Bay WMA is closed during hunts through
the fall and winter. Click here for the schedule
they have provided us.

To learn about and/or sign up for Botany Bay Volunteer Project
Click Here
For much more about Botany Bay Click Here

Notice: If you would like to make a donation to help protect and preserve
Botany Bay Wildlife Management Area SC DNR has created a special fund
specific to that purpose. For more information click here.

Notice: SC DNR has announced that Botany Bay Wildlife Management
Area is closed on Tuesdays for Essential Maintenance.

Botany Bay closed on Tuesdays Sign Provide by EIPANew regulations shelling prohibited on Botany Bay WMA

Since Jan. 1, 2010 there has been no shelling
allowed at Botany Bay - the result has been that you will visit one of
only a few beaches on the east coast that is, and looks, truly natural.
Please take out only what you bring, leave only footprints behind.
Be aware that Botany's beach is eroding rapidly and
that swimming can be treacherous.

Founding Organizations

The Edisto Island Preservation Alliance was created by nine island
organizations to work together to preserve Edisto's unique
non-commercial, undeveloped, rural agricultural character. We
discuss issues important to the community, work toward consensus,
and when necessary take positions and or action as an organization.
Our positions and actions do not necessarily reflect the positions
of any single organization other than EIPA.

You can reach the founding organizations or learn more about them at:

Edisto Island Community
Association http://www.eicanow.org/

Edisto Island Open Land Trust
Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society
Town of Edisto Beach
Edisto Beach Property Owners' Association
The Friends of Edisto Beach
(no longer in existence)
Edisto Island Chamber of Commerce
The Fire Ants
The Fire Ants
visit our website www.edistopride.org

EIPA is incorporated within the state of SC as a not-for-profit
organization. We have received our federal 501-c-3 status and
are tax exempt. Donations are deductible to the extent
allowed by law.
We have our own Board of Directors and bylaws. We speak for
EIPA's members and on behalf of the people of Edisto Island.

The individual organizations that founded us do not control our actions
and are not responsible for those actions.

Mailing address: EIPA
P.O. Box 157
Edisto Island, SC 29438

Visit our business members
click here for EIPA's business members

From our beginning the South Carolina Department of Natural
Resources has extended a helping hand to EIPA through their NERR program (National Estuarine Research Reserve).
They provided advice and staff assistance in getting EIPA organized, up and running. We gratefully acknowledge that help.

Learn more about DNR and NERR at:

The South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources does not influence
our decisions or actions and is not responsible for our positions.

We would also like to thank the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League which has provided critical support and encouragement. Visit them at http://coastalconservationleague.org/

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